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Technical Specifications

Space (Footprint)

Basic Setup:  12'x 12'
Home Setup:   8'x 8'
'Aladdin' Setup:  10'x 10'
'Carnival of the Animals' Setup:  10'x 10'
'Mother Goose Land' Setup:  10'x 10'
'Peter and the Wolf' Setup:  16'x 10'
'The Frog Prince' Setup:  8'x 8'
'The Vaudeville Follies' Setup:  16'x 10'


We provide the sound system for our performance.


The sponsor will provide a single electrical outlet.

Portable Power (optional, conditional)

It may be possible for the Fratello Marionettes to provide portable power. Please call to discuss. (This option must be detailed in the contract.)

2' Portable Stage Peter and The Wolf Stage
"The Vaudeville Follies" Stage
(16'x 10')

'Peter and the Wolf' Stage
(16'x 10')

Mother Goose Land Stage The Frog Prince Stage
"Mother Goose Land" Stage
(10' x 10')
'The Frog Prince' Stage
(8'x 8')

2' Portable Stage Aladdin (10'x 10')
'Carnival of the Animals' Stage
(10'x 10')

'Aladdin' Stage
(10'x 10')

Last Updated on August 7, 2016

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